Tuesday, December 16, 2008


change happens.
it can happen in an instant or it can happen over time. sometimes we have control over it and sometimes we dont. some changes are good while others are bad. i know of a woman whose 19 year old son was recently killed in a car accident. that change was instant, she had no control over it and it was bad. i also know of a woman who just moved into her brand new home. her change took years of hard work and it is good. change changes you.
right now, im changing. life as i know it is changing. ive wanted and asked certain changes so in a way, its good. but its also a little scary. at work, i have a new boss. i didn't really ask for that so to speak but its turned out pretty god. i like her, she seems to be very nice and easy to get along with. my job has changed to part time now, i asked for that too, sort of. i like my hours, there are no traffic issues going to or from work anymore, praise God for that! its gonna suck come payday though but hey, i was willing to not work at all (and still am, just not quite today.
**im in the living room and i can hear my hubby snoring through the bedroom wall, with the door closed. thats funny.**
i woke up at 2am and layed there for 45 minutes unable to go back to sleep. i went to bed at 8 so i guess my body felt like it had had enough sleep so i went ahead and got up and decided to blog since i havent had time to during the last month. its actually pretty nice sitting here all by myself, in the quiet. no t.v., no one talking...i think ill listen to some music...
ahh, conway twitty says hello darling. i forgot i had this music on here. i love old country, it reminds me of when i was little. now its dolly begging jolene not to take her man. i heard a newer version of this song recently, i really liked it.
anyway, back to changes. i can see many more changes coming my way.
no, not me, it's tammy wynette. i told you i love old country music. it think she and george jones are my most favorites.
it looks like we'll be moving in a few months. theres just no way for us to keep the house at this point. im not really upset about it. i guess its because i look forward to a simpler way of living. smaller house and smaller yard means less to clean and keep. if you dont have room for a bunch of junk, then you cant keep a bunch of junk, right? ive started thinking about what i want to keep and what i want to get rid of. i have way more than i need. take dishes for instant. i have 6 pyrex casserole dishes. who in the world needs that many casserole dishes? ive never made more than one casserole at a time. useless stuff taking up space, thats all that is. my sister in law teases me about my dish fetish. shes right though, its rediculous. and mixing bowls. i bet i have at least 10 of those things! theres glass ones, plastic ones, stainless steele ones, ceramic ones, where does it end? im proud though that i have started a yard sale box. now in my cabinet, i only have 2 casserole dishes, a small one for brownies and a large one for casseroles. im down to one set of stainless steele mixing bowls. i dumped a complete set of silverware, a bunch of serving utensiles and several pots and pans. hows that for change?
ronnie milsap, any day now. this stuff is great!
i have so many things that i dont need. i have a china cabinet full of stuff that i never use. but, i have another china cabinet that i absolutely love. my best friends mother gave it to me. its an antique, its smaller than your normal china cabinet and i fell in love with it the instant i saw it.
stand by your man. boy did that song create a bunch of stink back in its day. i personally love the song, and i love what it means. i know my man isnt perfect but i stand by him because i love him.
my crystal cabinet knobs. i have to take those with me. hubby bought them for me for christmas. i can put them on the cabinets at the new place and on the dresser that my sister in law gave me, it was hers growing up, from ethan allen i think, a nice sturdy piece of furniture. right now it holds fabric but when we move, ill get rid of the dresser thats currently in my room and ill use the better one. the crystal knobs will be a cute touch i think.
oooh! johnny cash! i like him too.
we have a big glass desk that we dont need, it only holds clutter anyway. we also have more furniture than we really need. id really like to say goodbye to my 1990's country style dinning room table with the claw feet and get a smaller, round, dark wood table like the ones we have at work. and id love to get rid of our country plaid couch and love seat and just have a good, worn in, brown leather sofa. we like our recliners so for right now i plan to keep them. we have a big 'ol square, brass plate covered coffee table that i absolutely hate. i move it when the baby is here cuz im scared to death that shes gonna fall on it and gash her little face. that's gone for sure!
vince gill, go rest high on that mountain. this song makes me cry.
i hope we find a little place that someone just wants to get rid of cheap. maybe even free. sometimes people have mobile homes that that they just want gone. that would be fine with me, no house payment or rent. we could handle just a land payment. i really want a simpler life, not a material filled life. i dont need to have all the finer things in life the way the world tells me i do. i can be perfectly comfortable in my little single wide (thats paid for) on my little lot with my little flower garden at the end of a little dirt road, with my little granny car (thats paid for), with my not so little husband and his beat up pick up truck (thats paid for). Trey is about to leave the nest and i think cory secretly plans to go back to his moms when we move, hes hinted about it a few times. theres another change, hubby and i being by ourselves, empty nesters. imagine that. now who couldn't live on one income in a little bitty empty nest like that?
i hope we can. its what id like.
change. sometimes its good.
theres george jones again with he stopped loving her today, this one makes me cry too.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Writer's Workshop

The Last Time I Laughed Really Hard.

I laugh a lot so this story isn't really the LAST time I laughed really hard but it was the first thing that popped in my head so here it goes...

A few years ago, Sparky and I were preparing supper together, we were cooking steaks on the grill, boiling potatoes for mashed taters, tossing up a salad, etc...
Sparky and I have a lot of fun together. We play jokes on eachother, he scares the crap outta me, I throw candy at his forhead, we wrestle and chase eachother around, goofy stuff like that.
So anyway, we were cooking supper and I had just taken the steaks off the grill and had them on a plate to take into the house. I can't remember what exactly made me ask him to do this for me but i asked him to skip across the yard.

Sparky: What? Skip? You really want me to skip? Like a little girl? I can't skip!

Me: Come on, just do it, for me, please.

Sparky: No really, I don't think I can physically skip, I don't know how to.

Me: What? Everyone knows how to skip, you learned it when you were a little kid, remember?

Sparky: I don't think I ever skipped when I was a kid. Seriously.

Me: Whatever, just try it. Picture in your head a little girl skipping around. You got it pictured?

Sparky: Yea, I see a little girl skipping.

Me: See how she's doing it?

Sparky: Yeah.

Me: Ok good. Now you do it.

Sparky raises his arms up, kicks one gigantic foot straight out in front of him with his toes all spread apart like Fred Flintstone, and hops.
I know it's pretty hard for you to picture for yourself but that was THE most hilarious thing I have ever seen in all my 37 years! A six foot, 240 pound grown man trying to skip, looking like a total I don't know what!

Remember how I said that I had the steaks on a plate to take into the house? Well, I was laughing so hard, I had to go down on my knees in order to keep from loosing the plate cuz I couldn't hardly keep my balance. I think I even peed in my pants a little.

One of these days I'm gonna get his skipping on tape and put it on utube for the whole world to see.

Sparky is the best sport ever, anytime I ask him to skip, he does it and it's just as hilarious as the first time cuz he STILL can't do it right and he looks like a great big dork but I love him anyway with all my heart forever and always!

Sometimes, (when I remember to do it) when we're in a parking lot somewhere and I get in the car before he does, I make him do a little dance before I'll unlock the car door and let him in. That's another great laugh cuz he immediately looks around to see how many people are gonna see this shamful display of random white boy dancing. I'm merciful though and only make him do his little dance for about 5 seconds, then I let him get in the car and I laugh my butt off!!!

Like I said, he's the best sport ever!

Writer's Workshop is hosted by MamaKat over at Mama's Losin' It

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wordful Wednesday-The Cutest Letter Ever

It's Wordful Wednesday again hosted by Angie over at 7 Clown Circus so here's my photo for today and the story behind it.

My Mom moved to Texas about 4 years ago, it might be getting closer to 5 years now but anyway, my youngest son Jordan and she had always spent a lot of time together and then after she moved he went and spent 2 summers with her and my Daddy and he Loved it! Right after Jordan came home from his first summer visit, he wrote this letter to my Mom, his Grandma...

In my biased opinion, the drawing makes up for the spelling.

For more stories, hop on over to 7 Clown Circus, Angie is expecting you, she might even be serving coffee this morning!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Umpa Luffas!!!

Pop Quiz!
Where do Luffa Sponges come from?
Seriously, what's your answer?
Did you say "the ocean?"?

Nope, that's what I thought too but contrary to popular belief, luffas do not come from the ocean. They are actually a plant, more specifically, a vine. They are much like a cucumber or a zucchini. I recently found out that in some parts of the world, they are harvested before maturity and eaten. Interesting huh?
I learned about luffas this past spring and decided to indulge, with the intentions of giving luffas and home made soap as Christmas gifts but so far I haven't made any soap so I guess I'll just be giving the luffas.
Anyway, the luffa vine is a very nice thing. The vines grow VERY tall and have the pretties little yellow flowers that bloom throughout spring AND summer. Next year, I will plant the seeds along a fence or lattice and it will be a beautiful site to see!
The luffas grow in various sizes but the bigger, the better. So now I'll show you what they look like and how you harvest them...

First, you find the ones that are ready...

You cut them from the vine...

You crack the peeling by useing a little pressure with your thumbs..

Then you peel...

Jordan was very proud that he managed to peel this one in one piece...

Once you've got it peeled, you squeeze out all the seeds and "dog slobber", then you rinse it with water, fluff it back out and lay it on the roof of your car and let it dry out in the glorious sunshine. :0)

These luffas are PERFECT because they are NOT hard as bricks and they do NOT peel your skin off like a cheese grater. They are just right in texture, not too hard, not too soft, they're just perfect and I LOVE them! I'll never buy another wash cloth again. AND, they make great scrubbies in the kitchen so I'll never buy another one of those green scratchy things again either!

If you would like me to send you one of my Umpa Luffas, just leave me a comment then mention and post a link to this post on your blog. I'll do a random drawing on Friday.

You'll love it, I promise!

Monday, November 10, 2008

A is for Apron

so what do you do when you wake up at 1:30 am on a saturday, lay there for an hour and still can't go back to sleep? you get up and make an apron, of course!
yep, you get up turn on the hallmark channel, turn the volume down real low so as not to wake anyone else up, watch a little bit of Walker Texas Ranger (i don't really care for the show but whatever), you flip through the pages of your Apron Book, and then you jump up and go into the sewing/dining room and pick out your fabrics!

i started constructing the apron at around 3am. i don't like patterns very much and aprons are pretty basic so i just cut the pieces as i imagine they should be...

i iron out any wrinkles and then iron all the seams. see that iron? i got that at a yard sale for 5 bucks. this iron is incredible, the best one i've ever had. oh and see the fabric that's covering my ironing board? it's actually a shower curtain made of toile fabric. i paid $1 for it at a thrift store. i'm still not sure what i'm gonna do with it yet...

anyway, back to the apron. after all the seams are ironed down, it's time to start stitching! i love to sew...

and i love to take pictures...

so what do you get when you can't sleep?

a cute little apron like this!

and then you add another piece to it and you get this...

i know, the apron is cute but i look terrible and there is a pile of dishes in the sink but who cares, i have another apron now!!!

Be sure to come back tomorrow for the Umpa Luffas...

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Wanna Wrestle?

I just thought I'd post about Cory today, cuz I'm extra proud of him lately. He's in 10th grade this year and is taking a business management/entrepreneurship type class that also has an after school club, so to speak. He really loves this class and aspires to go to college and major in business. YAY!!!!!!!!

ALSO, he has joined the wrestling team! I'm sooo excited about going to his matches and cheering him on! Yesterday was his first practice (if that's what they're called). He told us all about it and admits that it's very hard, what with all the work outs and learning the all the techniques. He was very tired and very sore when he got home. I think he even went to bed early!

He even looks like a high school wrestler, doesn't he?

Look at his poor knee, both of them look like this.

And I can't forget about Trey. I'm very proud of him too. He passed his test and now has his diploma!

Say "Hi" to everyone, Trey.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Shoe Box Makeover

So I've been saving these 2 red shoe boxes I've had for years now. I saved them because they aren't your ordinary shoes boxes. You know how your ordinary shoe boxes have a lid on top that you take off? well these ones are more like a pull out drawer with shoe string handles and they are very thick and sturdy. I thought they would come in handy for storage someday so I just kept them in the top of my closet waiting for the day that I decide to do something with them. That day came over last weekend. Remember the Mod Podge I couldn't wait to try? Well...

Red Shoe Boxes + Mod Podge + Pretty ScrapBook Paper =

Sassy Storage Boxes for More Crafty Things!!!
Photobucket Photobucket

I know, I know. I forgot to take before pics. But how stinkin cute did they turn out?

Wordful Wednesday - Jordan's Art

Today is Wordful Wednesday which is hosted by Angie at 7 Clown Circus . In case you didn't already know, it's the official day in Blog Land where you post a photo (or photos) and then you decsribe the scene(s). I love to post photos and then write about them so that makes Wordful Wednesday my favorite blog day!

I decided to make today's post about my son's art. I have hung on to a few of Jordan's little masterpieces for years now with the intention of framing them. Unfortunately, during our last move, we somehow managed to loose my favorite painting which was of a jaguar drinking water from a stream that he did in 3rd grade.

However, all is not lost...

This one he painted at school while in 2nd grade. It's a beautiful bird and a very happy sunshine! I'm not sure but that may be a worm in the bird's tummy. :0)

This one is a simple paper drawing of our beloved dog Mackenzie. I believe it to have been drawn sometime during the 3rd grade as well. I love this one because we lost Mackenzie a few years ago and this reminds me of how much she was loved.

When I expressed my sorrow at loosing my favorite painting, Jordan painted this one for me as a Christmas gift last year when he was 13. I was overwhelingly inpressed with his talent! I still have to take it for framing...

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I'll be leaving work early today so that I can vote. My vote will be based on Christian values, period.

For a great post on voting guidelines, check out Tiaras & Tantrums post titled "We Are Christian First, American Second".

Friday, October 31, 2008

No, I will not change the channel.

So I'm at work right now, right? The lobby is full because one of our clients is having a hiring day. There are about 15 people in the lobby, everyone has filled out their applications and are now just waiting. The t.v. is on. Fox News is on. An Obama speach is playing.

An old guy comes up to the desk and this is what unfolds:

Old guy: Hey can you change the channel or turn this down?

Me: Is there a problem?

Old guy: Yea, I'm very offended by having to listen to this. I don't like it.

Me: Hmmmm no, I'm not gonna change it.

Old guy: Okay fine, can I have the address of your corporate office?

Me: Sure, I'll write it down for you and I'll even give you the phone number too!

I write it down and hand it to him. By this time people are giving me that look like "who is this guy?". THEN, he comes BACK:

Old guy: Can you give me back my application?

Me: I don't have your application.

Old guy: Yes you do, I gave you back the clip board and you kept the application.

Me: No, I didn't. Look, here are all the clip boards and your application is not here.

Old guy: ::Humph:: well give me another one then and I'll fill it out again.

I give him another one and her turns to go back to his seat.

He comes back. WITH his original application in hand.

Old guy: Here you go, I was mistaken.

Then some other guy walks up and whispers something to Old guy. I thought he might be telling him to chill or something but NOOOOOOOOO. Evidentally he didn't like what was playing on the t.v. either.

Old guy to other guy: Yea I know but you'll have to tell her (points at me) your feelings.

Old guy to me: See I'm not the only one who feels that way.

Me: Well you're entitled to your feelings.

Old guy: It's not feelings!

Me: ::blink, blink, smile::

The crowd including Old guy follows the hiring guy down the hall.

My thoughts?

#1. It was FOX NEWS, you know, "fair and balanced reporting". Although they are of the Republican persuasion, they play both McCain's and Obama's speaches, in entirety.

#2. You are not the first person to want the channel changed. Some other guy a while back wanted me to change it from FOX to CNN, I guess he didn't like the McCain speach that was playing that day. I didn't change it for him either. Get over it.

#3. This is my house. You don't come into my house and tell me to change the channel on my t.v.

#4. If you don't like what's playing on someone else's t.v. IGNORE IT! OR LEAVE!

Now go away Old guy, I've got some blogging to do.

Mess with me on a Friday.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wordful Wednesday

need a'lil help?

she loves to help with everything. no matter what we are doing, she wants to help. she helps work on the car by beating on it with a wrench. she helps me load the dishwasher by taking the dishes out as soon as i put them in. she helps fold laundry by unfolding it. she helps plant flowers by pulling them up.

she helps us laugh by being the silly little girl that she is!

Wordful Wednesday is hosted by Angie at Seven Clown Circus

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's A Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey everybody!!!! I'm gonna have another niece!!!!! Emily is gonna get a "Sissy"!!!! I'm sooooo excited!!! She'll have brown eyes and brown hair, just like me!
I know this because "Sissy's" Daddy has brown hair and brown eyes and that usually overrides blonde hair and blue eyes, unless of course Daddy had blonde hair when he was little, but anyway I'm so excited I can't hardly stand it!!!

I think one of the reasons that I am so excited is because there is something very special about sisters. I think every girl should have a sister. I was very, very happy when I found out that I had a baby sister and because I am 12 years older than my sister, it's more like I was and will always be a second mom to her instead of being more like "sissies" but that's okay because all that really matters is that we ARE sisters!
I have so much fun teaching Emily how to pretend she's cooking and taking care of her babies. I love to show her new things and in a year or 2 she will be teachig her little "sissy" to pretend and I will have the time of my life watching the two of them play!

Congratulations to my Baby Sister

on giving Emily her very own Baby "Sissy".

Baby "Sissy" @ 10 weeks

And thank you Baby Sister for giving me and Jon another sweet little niece to adore!

Now how come there aren't any pictures of ME and Emily???

I had planned on cleaning out Emily's closet at my house this weekend. I guess I can go ahead an keep all the clothes that she has outgrown, and the shoes, and the crib, and the baby toys, etc...
Have I mentioned how excited I am?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Hay Yall...

it's fall!
yea, yea, yea. i know it's been fall for several weeks now. so I'm a little late in posting my fall decorations, so shoot me. no wait, please don't shoot me, i didn't really mean that. what I meant was, better late than never, right?

anyway, yesterday i worked on a decoration that i saw on another blog and being the copy cat that i am, i had to duplicate it and create on for myself. i know you're dying to see it but you'll have to wait a little longer cuz i'm not quite finished with it yet. in the mean time, i'll share an idea of my very own (at least i think it was my own idea). i made this cut center piece about 5 years ago.

Photobucket Photobucket

it was super simple, just go to the craft store and get you one of those miniture bales of hay, some cute little fall floral stick thingies, a mini scare crow or two, some fall potpouri and a small wodden tray. paint the tray if you want, set the hay inside the tray and scoot it all the way to the back, stick in your floral thingies and your scare crow, pour some potpouri in the front of the tray, add a festive little bow and voila, you have an adorable centerpiece that was so easy Moma Kat could make it (hehe, i hope she doesn't take offense to that) and it costs less than $10.

i picked up a couple of old milk bottles at an estate sale last weekend. i love these little bottles so much i think i'll go back this coming weekend and grab some more. they make wonderful little seasonal flower vases! i just set them around all over the house and stick a single flower in them. how stinking cute is that?

Photobucket Photobucket

ok, now it's your turn to share some of your decorations...

oh, and here's another doll that i made saturday night for my cousin's little girl, i hope she likes it. nana named her gigi!


Friday, October 24, 2008

PhotoStory Friday

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek


I just L.O.V.E. this shot of my son. See that little freckle in his lash line? I love that little freckle. And how gorgeous are those chocolate brown eyes? Jordan is an outside boy, always has been. He's not afraid of anything that crawls or creaps. He may be a future Game Warden. He doesn't put things back where they go, and he creates little messes everywhere he goes, we call them "Jordan Piles". He has always been very good with babies and toddlers. He will be a fine father someday. Emily loves Jordan, she calls him "Jew-duh" and runs to him. He will take good care of me when I get old.

It's so hard to believe my baby will be 15 this spring. A warning to all you moms out there with little ones, enjoy them being little while you can because before you know it, they're grown!

I need a shot like this of Stormy.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Wish Party...

I'm having a Wish Party today and you're invited! I'll list my wishes and then you comment and list your wishes, it's that simple. Okay, here's my list...

I wish an extremely wealthy person would pay off my mortgage for me. You know, someone like Donald Trump or Oprah Winfrey or Bill Gates. For people that are that rich $137,000 is pocket change. They spend more than that on birthday parties!

I wish all my family lived in the same general area, not spread out all over the coutry!

I wish there were no fatherless children.

I wish I could have a glimps of what my life will be like in 10 years. Just a little peek.

I wish I had more time for making things and had a successful online store.

I wish God would talk to me outloud so that I could KNOW that it was Him and not my own mind.

I wish I was content enough to not wish for things that I don't have.

Your turn!

Monday, October 20, 2008

How was my 4 day weekend?

Well yall, I made it through my weekend in one piece. The 7 hour (round trip) drive to get Nana made my neck hurt like crazy towards the end of the day Thursday but luckily I have some Icy Hot. The drive there was peaceful. Sometimes it's nice to go on a long drive alone. I had BFF's car so I could think about things other than the car breaking down. Thanks girl!!! The drive back...well it wasn't dull. Nana talks.
Her laugh is amazing. She tells funny stories that are usually about her and she gets to laughing so hard, she cracks me up. I'll give you an example.
Here's Nana, imagine her telling a funny story...

Nana was on a car trip from Texas to Florida and she had brought 2 pain pills with her to take at the half-way point. She explains that she can handle the first half but the second half really bothers her bones and joints. So anyway, they stop at a store and while she is waiting on my Mom & Dad to come back out of the store, she takes her pills and gets rid of some trash and what not. Well, a few minutes later my Mom comes out of the store and Nana asks her if she would get them some coffee so Mom goes back in to the store. Mom gets back to the car with the coffee, Daddy is back so they get on their way again. A few minutes go by and Nana mentions how good her coffee is. Mom agrees, yea, the coffee is pretty good. Nana says again how wonderful her coffee is, she is REALLY impressed by this coffee. I mean, it's the best she's EVER had in her whole life! At this point in her telling me the story, she's about to pee in her pants cuz she's laughing so hard. Through her hysterical laughter, she manages to conclude that the next day while she was telling someone else how good that gas station coffee was, she all of a sudden remembered that just before the coffee, she had taken her pills and that was why her coffee seemed so good!
God bless Nana!

It was so good to see my boys. They have grown even more! Jordan has even let his hair grow out. He normally keeps it buzzed short so you can imagine my surprise at seeing his baby curls again after all these long, long years since his first haircut when he was about 2. And Stormy is about 5'7 now, I predict him to be atleast 6' before the end of the school year. Stormy is still in ROTC, Jordan is playing football and both boys play the trumpet in band. They are doing very well! Oh, unfortunately the pics I took of them didn't transfer to my laptop this morning, I'm very upset about that but I'll try to get them posted tomorrow.

Now Miss Emily has morphed into a terrible 2! She is sassy, bossy, moody and even mean at times that suite her! She has deliberatly outcast Nana. She won't let her touch her or even talk to her. She tells her "NO!" and "GO!" (go as in go away). Sometimes she forgets that she wants nothing to do with Nana but as soon as she remembers, she lets her know. We had planned on keeping Princess Emily for the entire week but we have quickly come to the conclusion that she has become a weekend visitor at best so she will be delivered back to her mommy this evening. We love her dearly but can only take so much of the terrible 2 stage. We just hope it passes quickly!

I know you'll think I'm fibbing when you see these pictures but don't let her fool you, she's a pistol!

She insists on being pushed around in her dolly stroller

She has some very interesting new dance moves

Did I mention that she shhhh's us now? If she don't like what you're saying, she shhh's you.

She thinks she's ready to drive already and insists on going bye-bye

I love her blonde hair, blue eyes and black eye lashes!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Weekend Is Here!!!

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that I have lost my mind cuz it's only Wednesday and I'm saying that the weekend is here already, right? Well, I'm not crazy because my weekend is in deed here already!
I'm taking tomorrow off to go up to the panhandle to get grandma and bring here back to my house for about week or so! I'm totally excited about that!
AND by the time I get back home, my boys will be there! They don't have school on Friday so I'm taking Friday off as well so that I can spend an extra day with them, maybe we'll go fishing.
AND Friday afternoon, we will go get That Baby and she will stay with us for about a week too!
How exciting is all this? I can hardly contain myself!
It's too bad BFF can't play hooky and go with me tomorrow. :(

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Quilt Give Away!!!

Easy now, I'm not the one giving away a totally awesome quilt but I know who is...
It's Elizabeth at Pigtails and Snails, go on and visit her and enter, here's where to go. Who wouldn't just love to have this in their house? I know I would so I've entered and really hope that I win, not you but me! I know, that's my selfish side bearing her nasty little self, shame on me!
Anyway, good luck to all who enter! Now that's the nice me. Good girl.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Where have I been?

Hi guys!
You've missed me, haven't you? I just knew it!!! Awww, yall are so sweet, I love you too!
Anyway, I didn't purposly neglect my blog last week, it's just that I had my nose burried in books, ALL.WEEK. Yep, I read 3 books last week. Now don't go telling everyone that I'm crazy, I just love to read, it's just another one of my many hobbies. You see, when I pick up a book, I don't like to put it down. And then when I read something I really like, I have to have more books by that same author and then when I get them, I of course have to read them too, AS.SOON.AS.I.GET.THEM! I know, it might be a sickness, I'll have to check that out...
So I know I've mentioned him before but I have to give props again to Mr. Charles Martin. I love his books! His stories and writing style just amaze me. And he lives right here in Jacksonville! How cool is that? Anyway, I'm proud to announce that I now have all 6 of his books and can't wait for the next one. I only wish I had all of them in hard back. I guess they only put out hard backs when a book first comes out? Ok, so over last week I read the following Charles Martin books:

Wrapped In Rain(that reminds me, I need to get on the ball and give my extra copy of Where The River Ends away!)

The Dead Don't Dance

Maggie (sequel to The Dead Don't Dance, I hope he does a 3rd one)

Have I mentioned that I love his books? They are always about a man (not the same man)who is faced with some sort of tragedy in his life and how he deals with life afterwards. I always fall in love with the guys (on a strictly platonic level of course)because they are good christian men, with good hearts and I just want to hug them and tell them that everything will be okay and then I want to cook them something. Hey, don't judge me, I'm only human.

Hey BFF, have you looked for When Crickets Cry yet? I've searched my entire house and can't find it anywhere.

So now that I've finished reading Mr. Martin's books, I've started on one that I heard about recently. It's called The Shack, by WM. Paul Young. It's about a family that suffers a terrible tragedy but the father struggles with it the most. He ends up speding the weekend with The Trinity where the tragedy happened. Can you imagine actually, physically being in the presence of God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit, having meals and conversations? I'm really enjoying this book and can't wait to see how it ends tonight!

Well, I'm off now to spend some time on my other blog.


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