Monday, October 20, 2008

How was my 4 day weekend?

Well yall, I made it through my weekend in one piece. The 7 hour (round trip) drive to get Nana made my neck hurt like crazy towards the end of the day Thursday but luckily I have some Icy Hot. The drive there was peaceful. Sometimes it's nice to go on a long drive alone. I had BFF's car so I could think about things other than the car breaking down. Thanks girl!!! The drive back...well it wasn't dull. Nana talks.
Her laugh is amazing. She tells funny stories that are usually about her and she gets to laughing so hard, she cracks me up. I'll give you an example.
Here's Nana, imagine her telling a funny story...

Nana was on a car trip from Texas to Florida and she had brought 2 pain pills with her to take at the half-way point. She explains that she can handle the first half but the second half really bothers her bones and joints. So anyway, they stop at a store and while she is waiting on my Mom & Dad to come back out of the store, she takes her pills and gets rid of some trash and what not. Well, a few minutes later my Mom comes out of the store and Nana asks her if she would get them some coffee so Mom goes back in to the store. Mom gets back to the car with the coffee, Daddy is back so they get on their way again. A few minutes go by and Nana mentions how good her coffee is. Mom agrees, yea, the coffee is pretty good. Nana says again how wonderful her coffee is, she is REALLY impressed by this coffee. I mean, it's the best she's EVER had in her whole life! At this point in her telling me the story, she's about to pee in her pants cuz she's laughing so hard. Through her hysterical laughter, she manages to conclude that the next day while she was telling someone else how good that gas station coffee was, she all of a sudden remembered that just before the coffee, she had taken her pills and that was why her coffee seemed so good!
God bless Nana!

It was so good to see my boys. They have grown even more! Jordan has even let his hair grow out. He normally keeps it buzzed short so you can imagine my surprise at seeing his baby curls again after all these long, long years since his first haircut when he was about 2. And Stormy is about 5'7 now, I predict him to be atleast 6' before the end of the school year. Stormy is still in ROTC, Jordan is playing football and both boys play the trumpet in band. They are doing very well! Oh, unfortunately the pics I took of them didn't transfer to my laptop this morning, I'm very upset about that but I'll try to get them posted tomorrow.

Now Miss Emily has morphed into a terrible 2! She is sassy, bossy, moody and even mean at times that suite her! She has deliberatly outcast Nana. She won't let her touch her or even talk to her. She tells her "NO!" and "GO!" (go as in go away). Sometimes she forgets that she wants nothing to do with Nana but as soon as she remembers, she lets her know. We had planned on keeping Princess Emily for the entire week but we have quickly come to the conclusion that she has become a weekend visitor at best so she will be delivered back to her mommy this evening. We love her dearly but can only take so much of the terrible 2 stage. We just hope it passes quickly!

I know you'll think I'm fibbing when you see these pictures but don't let her fool you, she's a pistol!

She insists on being pushed around in her dolly stroller

She has some very interesting new dance moves

Did I mention that she shhhh's us now? If she don't like what you're saying, she shhh's you.

She thinks she's ready to drive already and insists on going bye-bye

I love her blonde hair, blue eyes and black eye lashes!


Rachel said...

I'm glad you had a great visit with your kids...can't wait to see pics!

Anna said...

This is a delightful post about your family and your Nan. Her story is good about the coffee. I love it when older folks just rattle on and on. Her face is full of love and expression. If you listen to their story, they are hysterical. It's cause life was such a blessing and things don't bother them so much anymore. Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed being at your blog today.

Brandy said...

Im glad you had a nice visit and your grandma sounds like a hoot.

You've been tagged go check out my blog.

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

sounds like a wonderful time
sorry to hear that little niece is a handful now! Cute and sassy!

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