Monday, October 06, 2008

To my loyal readers and new friends...

Yeah right, like I'm so popular!!! I crack myself up sometimes!
But anyway, today I am going to focus on a new blog. Now don't go worrying your pretty little heads one bit, I love BLOOM and have every intention of keeping her! I'm going to consider her my "Domestic Dabblings Blog", if you will. I will use BLOOM to continue to be my cute little crafty, entertaining and fun loving self. While my new blog will reflect a more serious side of me. Don't go freaking out on me now, I'm not like Jeckyl and Hide or anything.
People have asked me how do I do it, or how did I get to be the way that I am. I had an old boss once that layed me off and kept asking me how is was that I was handling it so well. My answer to her was "that's just the way I am". Looking back, I should have said "That's just the way I roll"! There I go, cracking myself up again! Anyway, I am the way that I am due to my foundation. My foundation is based on God and the Holy Bible. I haven't always done the right things but my foundation is solid and has always held me up.
My new blog will be known as "Letters To God". It will cronicle my prayers and my journey through this tuff world while maturing as a faithful Christian. You are welcome to visit "Letters To God" if you like. For me it will serve as an expressive outlet, if anyone else visits, I hope it serves as inspiration in one form or another.

As for BLOOM, tomorrow, I plan to post on the things I made over the weekend. I might even post my very special baked zitti recipe!!!

You guys rock!!!


Mrs. S said...

I think the new blog sounds fantastic. I plan to visit once it's up and running.

Rachel said...

You go roll with ya bad self :)

Make sure you send me the link so I can add your new blog to my roll!!!
I crack myself up too; I think I get it from you :)

Wicked Gardener said...

Hello! You've been tagged.

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