Friday, October 31, 2008

No, I will not change the channel.

So I'm at work right now, right? The lobby is full because one of our clients is having a hiring day. There are about 15 people in the lobby, everyone has filled out their applications and are now just waiting. The t.v. is on. Fox News is on. An Obama speach is playing.

An old guy comes up to the desk and this is what unfolds:

Old guy: Hey can you change the channel or turn this down?

Me: Is there a problem?

Old guy: Yea, I'm very offended by having to listen to this. I don't like it.

Me: Hmmmm no, I'm not gonna change it.

Old guy: Okay fine, can I have the address of your corporate office?

Me: Sure, I'll write it down for you and I'll even give you the phone number too!

I write it down and hand it to him. By this time people are giving me that look like "who is this guy?". THEN, he comes BACK:

Old guy: Can you give me back my application?

Me: I don't have your application.

Old guy: Yes you do, I gave you back the clip board and you kept the application.

Me: No, I didn't. Look, here are all the clip boards and your application is not here.

Old guy: ::Humph:: well give me another one then and I'll fill it out again.

I give him another one and her turns to go back to his seat.

He comes back. WITH his original application in hand.

Old guy: Here you go, I was mistaken.

Then some other guy walks up and whispers something to Old guy. I thought he might be telling him to chill or something but NOOOOOOOOO. Evidentally he didn't like what was playing on the t.v. either.

Old guy to other guy: Yea I know but you'll have to tell her (points at me) your feelings.

Old guy to me: See I'm not the only one who feels that way.

Me: Well you're entitled to your feelings.

Old guy: It's not feelings!

Me: ::blink, blink, smile::

The crowd including Old guy follows the hiring guy down the hall.

My thoughts?

#1. It was FOX NEWS, you know, "fair and balanced reporting". Although they are of the Republican persuasion, they play both McCain's and Obama's speaches, in entirety.

#2. You are not the first person to want the channel changed. Some other guy a while back wanted me to change it from FOX to CNN, I guess he didn't like the McCain speach that was playing that day. I didn't change it for him either. Get over it.

#3. This is my house. You don't come into my house and tell me to change the channel on my t.v.

#4. If you don't like what's playing on someone else's t.v. IGNORE IT! OR LEAVE!

Now go away Old guy, I've got some blogging to do.

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Rachel said...

you go girl! You tell em!

Happy Halloween!

GIGI said...

I totally understand, at lunch today, I made the comment that I so look forwrad to Nov. 4, when I TV programs are returned and we no longer have to watching election coverage continously, surely by now everyone knows who they are voting for.

BTW - I have e-mailed you twice this week, did you not get them ???


Anonymous said...

I love It "stick to your guns"!

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