Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesday's Trash

I really don't know what to write about today. In fact I don't even know why I named the post "Tuesday's Trash", but I bet it made you think something trashy though, didn't it?

Shame on you!

I wish I had some trash to turn into treasure but I don't, not right now anyway. I should have gone to a few of the many yard sales that I passed by over the weekend but I didn't. But I am still on the lookout for a toilet with the tank intact just sittin on the side of the road waiting fo rthe garbage man to pick up. I want to put one in The Garden and plant herbs in it. How funny would that be!?! I just haven't figured out how I'm going to get it in my car when I see it. I mean, what if it's yucky? Maybe I could wear come of those elbow lenth rubber gloves and wrap a tarp around it before I pick it up. Can I even pick a toilet up by myself??? Geez.

I don't have any gossip about anyone so this post isn't about "trash talk".

Maybe it's because I'm bidding on a box of 54 vintage aprons on ebay and if I don't win, I'll get the "trash mouth". I already lost one bid war today.

Who knows? I'm just glad we didn't miss the garbage man again this week!

Oh well, I'll work on something better for tomorrow...

Monday, September 29, 2008

What I Did Over The Weekend

I LOVE weekends. Saturday is my favorite day of the week. I get to sleep in. I don't have to get up and get dressed and get in the car and fight traffic and go to work and deal with people. I love staying in bed until 9 or 10am, except I can't do that because the birds and the squirrels make too much noise and they wake me up so I'm usually awake by 7am. Yep, the birds sing too loud and the squirrels have relay races across my roof. How's a girl to get her much needed beauty sleep with all that racket going on? Don't get me wrong, I'm not really complaining just expressing my disappointment in not being able to sleep in as late as I'd like to. That's all.

Anyway, this past Saturday I slept off and on until about 8am. I kind of like doing that becasue I get to have a bunch of little mini dreams. Most of my dreams are good, some are wierd and a few are bad. This past Saturday morning, I think all of my mini dreams were bad. In one, my brother hit my sweet little dog Photobucket with the bumper of his truck and knocked my dogs head off! Then a few minutes later my dogs head is back on but her front legs are missing and she's walking around upright on her hind legs all bloody and mangled and she was crying and she was confused and I didn't know if I could pick her up and comfort her or not because I myself was scared and confused and sort of grossed out. That was a very bad dream, I'm so glad she's ok.
Then in another mini dream, I dreamt (is that right?) that I was driving my car in a parking garage and going around the sprial up ramp and all of a sudden my car was hanging off the edge of the ramp and I had my niece in the car with me and I was trying to stay still for fear of falling but I was also trying to get Emily's car seat unbuckled so that I could get her out of the car before it fell. Photobucket That was a bad one too. I had had enough of the bad dreams so I got out of bed.

So at about 8:50 I got in the car and drove about 4 miles to BFFs house. Her house is almost finished and she needs to get packed but there's only one problem. She has to have someone to gossip with talk to to keep her motivated. So I hung out and helped her pack. Do you have any idea how much stuff a 10 year old girl has? I'm sure you do since most of yall have little girls. Cheese and rice that girl has a lot of stuff. I worked like a dog lovingly helped pack until about 12:45.

Then I had to go to my other nieces 1st birthday party. Here she is, aint she cute?

Then BFF and daughter accompanied me to the Quilt Fest, where we walked our butts off admired the beautiful works of many quilters state wide. I don't know exactly how many quilts there were but I'd say somewhere in the thousands. Ok, maybe not that many but there were definitely over 500. We entered a drawing for a sewing machine but niether of us won. Which is good because I'd hate to have had to wrestle a 10 year old girl down to the ground if she had won an $800 machine. Yeah, the both of us would have totally digraced ourselves and BFF would have simply ran away. So glad it didn't come to that. I was too tired to fight anyway.

I got home at about 6:30, poured myself a glass of wine and then poured myself into Charles Martin's novel Where The River Ends. I read until about 11pm. I love this guys books, they make me laugh and cry. Plus he lives here in my city which is really cool. Think he'll invite me for coffee and a personal book signing? Yeah, I doubt it too.

Sunday I spent the day reading and sewing. I was totally excited to start on a new quilt but I was equally eager to get back into the book so that's what I did, I "took turns". I'd read a few chapters, then I'd cut and sew fabrics. It worked out great because by the time I went to bed, I had finished cutting and sewing 8 units of the quilt top AND I had finished the book, with tears rolling down my cheeks and cussing Mr. Martin for making me cry AGAIN!

Anyway, it seems that when I placed my order on Amazon, I accidentaly ordered two copies of this particular book, and it's a hard back which is nice. So I was thinking that I don't need 2 copies of this really great book so I'll give one away to someone who loves a good read.

So, if you'd like to have this book, just leave me a comment and I'll randomly select someone to send it to.

Oh, maybe I should tell you a little about the book, huh? Well, have you ever seen The Notebook? it's sort of like that. A couple who are dealing with an illness. There is a list, like in The Bucket List. There are heros and there are mean people. There aint no naughty stuff and there aint no foul language. It's a tear jerker and a laugh-out-louder and you end up falling totally in love with both main characters. I totally enjoyed it!
How was that for a review?
Here's a cool link about the author and the book.

Until tomorrow...

Mama Kats Hoover Give Away Extravaganza!

Hey! Have you heard? Mama Kat is giving away a Hoover Vacuum Cleaner, how stinking cool is that???

Go here to enter!!! Hurry!!! It ends TOMORROW!!!!!!!!

I tell ya, that Mama Kat is THE coolest blogger I know. I mean, her posts are always entertainig and she's always making me laugh. Her blog is the first one that I read every morning because I like hers the best. And I'm not just saying that because I want more than one entry into the contest.

I hope I win.

Friday, September 26, 2008

10 Things I Believe In

So I decided to do another one of Moma Kat's writer's workshop options. I was too lazy yesterday to do both so I'm doing my second choice today. Maybe I'll get extra credit?

10 Things I believe In:

1. I believe in the Holy Bible and all it says.

2. I believe in Love.

3. I believe in Honesty.

5. I believe in Courage.

6. I believe in Giving.

7. I believe in Hope.

8. I believe in Forgiveness.

9. I believe in Patience.

10. I believe in Myself.

I also believe it's time for me and BFF to go see our chick flick! AND that BFF needs to go to the Quilt Fest with me after work today, I'll buy your ticket.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Writer's Workshop Thursday

Moma Kat gave us 3 options, I chose this one...

3.) Write a letter to someone you miss greatly

A letter to my boys:

Dear Stormy and Jordan,
I miss you guys so much. It's been about 3 years since you went to live with your dad. I knew that day would come eventually, I just didn't think it would come as soon as it did. Although it sadens me, I understand why you both wanted to go. You needed to be with him. You needed to get to know him. You needed to learn from him and you needed to learn about the other half of yourselves. I hope you truely understand that the only reason I kept you from him after we split up when you were little is because he was not good with little ones. He didn't have the patience to deal with small children. I was protecting you, plus I was terrified that he wouldn't bring you back if I let you go visit him. That's why you could only go with your grandmother, she gave me her word that she would bring you back. She made sure that you got to see your dad while you were visiting her, I knew this.

Anyway, have I mentioned that I miss you? Only seeing you once a month is not enough for me. You guys are my babies and I think about you every day. Hey! What happened to "Call your Mom Sunday"? I know both of you are busy with football and band and friends and girlfriends and school and home and stuff but it wouldn't hurt you to call me once in a while. Everytime I call, you're not around. When your dad calls me with updates, you're not around. I just miss you. I miss hearing you talk and laugh. I miss seeing you sleep. I miss watching you play. I miss doing things with you. I miss cooking for you. I miss teaching you things. I miss grabbing you and forcing you to endure my attack of kisses. I miss telling you good night and good morning. I miss seeing you off to school and coming home to you after work.

Are you ever going to come back home? This is the part that makes me drop a few tears. I really thought that both of you would be back by now. A long time ago actually. Am I not going to get to see you off to your Proms? I'm supposed to annoy you by making you stand still beside your date so I can take pictures. And what about graduation? I'm supposed to throw you a big graduation party and invite all your friends, how can I do that when you live so far away?

Ok, I have to bring this letter to a close now because I'm at work and people are starting to ask me if I'm ok. I just smile and blame it on alergies.

I miss you both and can't wait to see you again.


I hope you come home soon.

*For some crazy reason, I cannot paste Mama Kat's button, it keeps telling me that the tag is not closed? I have no idea what that means...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I thought this might be an interesting post. Let me know what you think!

I confess that once when I was in kindergarted, I had a very messy accident and I threw my panties in the garbage can and went the rest of the day in a dress with no underwear on.

I confess that when I was about 13, I told my mom that I got my period. It was a lie. I didn't get my period until I was like 15 (yes, I was a late bloomer).

I confess that once when I was about 14, I was sitting on my boyfriends lap and he and his friend started wrestling and I somehow got squished between the two of them and I accidentally... well... farted. And they called me out on it but I totally denied it. That was really embarrassing.

Ok, one more.

I confess that I don't know my 8 times tables by heart. Seriously, I don't so don't ask me what 8 times anything is.

There. Now it's your turn, what are your confessions???

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Give-A-Way Winner!!!

So even though I only had 6 entries, I still feel popular! I thought there would be more but beggers can't be too greedy.
At about 3:10 pm I helped That Baby write numbers 1 thru 6...
She's a righty and I'm a lefty so it was kind of wierd...

Then I cut out the numbers, folded them up and put them in a hat. The first time she drew, she grabbed as much as her hand could hold so we had to put them all back and draw again, she didn't dig that very much...
So we drew again...
She doesn't look it here but by now she's getting pretty ticked off because I keep taking things away from her, like penciles and scissors and the like...
Then I tell her to open up the paper so we can see who won...
She gets really mad and refuses to play anymore but here's who she drew...
It's Comment #4!!!! Who happens to be mommaof4wife2r @ http://rdehaus.blogspot.com/
Congratulations and I hope you like it!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Alright yall, I'm having my very first give away in the hopes of becoming more popular. If it works, I promise I'll have MORE give aways cuz all I want is to be popular here in blogland.

Here's what's up for grabs, a very cute little camo & polkadot purse that I designed and made myself. Don't you just love it?! I do.

Anyway, as you can see, it's not very big, which makes it perfect for those quick errands in times when you don't really want to lug around your big, (loaded with all kinds of crap that you have no idea how any of it got in there in the first place) heavy purse. Just toss your wallet, cell phone, lipstick and keys in this cute little number and you're on your way!

If you would like to win this prize, leave me some blog love and mention me on your blog (you might want to say something along the lines of how pretty I am or how funny I am or how cool I am, it's totally up to you) and link back to my blog. I don't have one of those cute little tags yet, which might make me somewhat of a looser but oh well, I'll just have to live with that until someone teaches me how to make one. Or until someone really cool makes one for me! :0)

On Sunday, That Baby will randomly draw the winning entry and I'll post the adorable pics!

Writer's Workshop - My 7th Birthday

I was the only girl at my 7th birthday party. Really, all my parent's friend's kids (not sure I wrote that correctly) and my cousins were boys. I had grown up with all these boys since birth. I guess that's why I'm pretty good with the opposite sex. I don't mean that in a naughty kind of way, I just mean that I deal with guys well. And girls too but that's probably because I didn't have any to grow up with.
Anyway, back to the story...
All I wanted was to get my ears pierced. THATS.ALL.I.WANTED. I begged and pleaded with my Mom. I don't remember exactly but the begging went something like this:

Me: Mommy pleeeeeeeeease can I get my ears peirced???

Mom: No, you're not old enough yet.

Me: Yes, I am. I'll be 7 tomorrow, pleeeeeeeeease?

Mom: No because you probably won't take care of your ears right and you'll end up with infections and end up having to take the earrings out and the holes'll close up and you'll realize that you shouldn't have gotten your ears pierced in the first place.

Me: Nooooooooo! I promise I'll take care of them! I'll keep them reeeeeeeally clean and I won't get infections. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease, please, please, please! I promise Mommy!

Mom: You know it'll hurt, it's done with a needle.

Me: I won't cry, I promise. I reeeeeeally wan't my ears pierced for my birthday.

Mom: ::deep sigh::, alright fine.

Me: Oh THANK you Mommy! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! This is the BEST birthday ever!

The next morning, (the day of my party) Mom takes me into the bathroom, puts ice cubes on both sides of my ear lobes (the freezing part did hurt, but I dind't cry!), then she put a small potato behind my ear lobe and stuck the needle through!
I very proudly walked out of the bathroom in my pretty blue flowerdy birthday dress and with my brand new little gold hoop earrings in my ears!

I don't remember any of the gifts I got except for my earrings and a square jewelry box that had sea shells all over it and inside it was a few peices of costume jewelry, all for me!

I don't remember my Mom going shopping the night before my birthday party which leads me to believe that she had planned on piercing my ears from the start and already had my earrings and jewelry box, she just wanted to hear me beg. What a nice Mom.

Oh and for my 11th birthday, guess what I got?
Go on, guess, I'll wait...

I tore open the paper on the box (I think it was a shoe box) and inside that box... are you ready for this?..... layed the elements of premission to shave.my.legs!!!!! Yea! There was a can of shaving cream, a package of disposable razors and a box of band-aids. How cool was my Mom??? She totally understood that I was growing up and that boys made fun of me for having hairy legs.

Those are my 2 most memorable birthdays. What's yours?

To see more Writer's Workshop entries, go visit Kathy, she's a really cool lady!

I'm having my very first give-a-way tomorrow so be sure to come back!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wordful Wednesday - Beautiful Bond

I love to feel included so here I am participating in Angie's Wordful Wednesday.

Here's my photo:

Here's the story:
In case you haven't heard, this is my niece, she'll be 2 on Christmas Day. She's mine and Sparky's pretend daughter. We absolutely adore her.
When we first found out that my young, unwed little sister was pregnant, we we're like "Oh no, this is going to be a nightmare, she can't hardly take care of herself, much less a baby. We're going to have to help her ALL the time, she's gonna drop the baby off ALL the time. This is not going to be good."
Sparky use to say "I hate a baby! I eata baby with some bar-b-q sauce!" Now don't freak out on me, he didn't really mean those things not one little bit. Sparky is really a very sweet and kind man. He was just expressing frustration at the idea of being burdened by a baby that wasn't even ours.
Then the baby came. I was there and I cut the cord. But there was something wrong, something that was never detected in the sonograms. Her little bladder was on the outside of her belly. Momma got to hold her for about 60 seconds then they wisked the baby away. At 4 days old she had a 4 and a half hour surgery. They cut her hip bones and pulled her pelvis together. They put her bladder where it's supposed to be, then reconstructed her belly button and her little girl parts. Then she spent the next 4 weeks in the hospital, with her tiny little legs wrapped together and suspended straight up in the air at a 45 degree angle. She had to stay that way, day and night and we couldn't hold her. Momma couldn't nurse her or rock her or cuddle her when she cried. Finally, the time came when her legs could be let down and we could hold her. I think that's when Sparky fell in love with her.
After she was released from the hospital, it was only a matter of days before Momma and the baby came to stay with us for a while. My how quickly a bond can develope. And can continue to develope stronger and stronger everyday.

Today, Emily and Sparky have the most amazing relationship. She loves her Uncle Jon to pieces, she cries when he leaves, she reaches up her little arms for him to pick her up, she lays her head on his shoulder and pats him on the back. She gives him kisses, and hugs his leg. I can't wait til the day when she puts her little hands on each side of his face, looks him right in the eyes and says "I wub you soooo much Untle Jon".

About 7 or 8 months ago, my sister and the baby moved about 2 hours away. We went from seeing her almost everyday to now only about once a month. There isn't a day that goes but that Sparky doesn't say "Where's that baby?" or "I need that baby!" or "I'm gonna go get that baby right now!" It's funny how it went from "I eata baby with b-b-q sauce" to "I neeeeeeed my baaaaaaaby!".

My bond with her? That's a whole nuther post!

In the photo, she comes running around from behind the couch, Uncle Jon is quietly waiting to growl and jump out and get her! We LOVE this game because she jumps with her whole body cuz she's just had the crap scared out of her but then the very next nano second, she's laughing and bouncing and very happy. She then gets grabbed and tickled and kissed and then put back down. Then, after all that, guess what happens? She runs back around behind the couch again and the game starts all over.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Shirt That Kicked My Butt.

Sew, I've been on a sewing kick since it's been too dang hot to go outside. (You like my play on words at the beginning, don't you? I'm sew clever sometimes.) Anyway, I've mastered the a-line skirt and I've mastered the jumper style dress for my niece (see pics below) sew I thought I'd give it a go on a cute little shirt to go under the jumper dresses. You'd think that a littl shirt like this would be relatively simple and easy, but NOOOOOOOO! This thing has what seemed like 150 steps in directions. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I had to take it apart and start over. It took me THREE days to get this thing right! At times I got sew aggrivated that I cussed like a sailor, yes I'm a country girl and we say "cuss" not "curse". However, the determined gal that I am, I refused to give up, I pressed on, which is also something you do when you sew, you press the item you're working on, you press the seams, the hems, the binding, etc...
Anyway, day 3 was yesterday, day of triumph! The little shirt kicked my butt, but in the end, I beat it! I overcame, I ruled and I sewed it who's boss! Check it out...are you ready for something absolutely amazing? Feast your eyes on this....

Yep, this is it. A plain black, puffy sleeve, square collar shirt...that probably won't fit her until she's FIVE! But I did it. Go me. ::blink-blink::

Now for the jumpers, these turned out totally cute, in my humble opinion...


This one is my favorite, she can put candy in the Trick or Treat pocket!

Due to the shirt that kicked my butt, I did not do any sewing this evening when I got home from work. I need a break to recover. Whew!

I'm not sure if this post ends up being an additional post for Tuesday or just Wednesday's post done early but I do know that Thursday's post will announce my very first Give-A-Way!

Oh, by the way, have you participated in my Poll on the right? Scroll down a little, you'll see it...

Amy! Is that you I see as my newest official fan??? Isn't that a pic of you and your sister???

Awww, I have fans now!

I feel so loved now, what a way to start the day. I have 2 3 official Fans now, Rachel, Randi and Insane Mama, see their little pictures over there (on the right and down a little), aren't they great? Thanks yall!

As for my honorary fans Tina, Amy and RayRay, I think you'll have to create a Google account in order to become an official fan (it's says follower but I prefer "Fan") but don't worry, it's quite easy and doesn't take long at all and it's FREE. Plus, once you get an accout, you can even start your own blog and get addicted like all us other bloggers and I'll become your 1st fan!

Luv you guys!!!!


Monday, September 15, 2008

Where are my fans???

Look over there -----------> on the right, (you might have to scroll down a little) see that little thing that says "My Fans! and then it says Wait, where are my fans?" See how it says I have ZERO fans? WTC?
If I don't get a fan or 2 soon, I will shamelessly stoop to the lowest and create a virtual identy for myself and become my own first fan!
I KNOW I have some readers out there (2, maybe 3) that visit my blog regularly.
I KNOW that my BFF loves my blog and reads it DAILY so SHE, of all people should be a fan.
Yet, I have no fans...what a lonely existance...

I'm gonna go fold my arms across my chest, hang my head, poke out my lower lip and go sit in a corner somewhere until I get a fan...

Friday, September 12, 2008

Kids say the darndest things!

Ok so my kids are all teenagers now but I remember clearly what each of them said that totally blew my mind. For example:

Stormy, when he was about 9...we lived in a tiny little house with 1 bathroom. Hubby is in the bathroom and Stormy REALLY has to go. He waits, and waits, and waits. Fianlly hubby comes out and Stormy says, as serious as he can be...

"Thank God, I almost pissed my pants!"

Yes, I was in shock but I laughed anyway and tried my best to explain that he couldn't use the word "pissed".

Jordan, he was about 6. We were having a talk about the medical terms for private parts. Jordan very proudly announces that he knows what the proper word is for the female private part is.

Me: Very good, what is it?

Jordan: It's a CHINA!

OMG! That's brilliant! My immediate thought is "Yes that's very good. CHINA, as in it's precious and should be guarded and only brought out on very, very special occaisions."

Now here comes Cory. He's about 8 at this time. We are all playing around, the boys are wrestling, having a grand 'ol time. I've got the camera out, taking lots of pictures of us having fun. I can't for the life of me remember what exactly was said before what he said but we we're all laughing, have a great time then all of a sudden Cory, with a huge smile on his face says "Suck my c__k!"
Can you just imagine my reaction? It was something like this:
My jaw hits the floor, I choke, I cough, I laugh, I take a deep breath and I say: "What did you say?" and he says it again. Just as happy as he can be. "Suck my c__k." I'm like: (to myself, while all the boys are still smiling and laughing and wrestling): OK, how do I address this one. He obviously didn't have any idea what he was saying so I very calmly said: "Ok, sweetie, that's not something you can say."

Cory: "Why?"

Me: "Because that's ugly."

Cory: Why is it ugly?"

Me: "Just trust me, it's ugly and if I ever hear you say that again, I'm gonna wash you're mouth out with soap."

Cory: "Yes, Ma'am."

Then the family fun continues like the ugliness never happened.


Friday's Fits

Now I'm not normally one to complain but here lately some things have really been getting on my nerves. For example, you know how when you're driving and you ever so graciously let someone get over in front of you because it's the nice thing to do and you would be very pleased if someone let you over the next time you needed to, right? Well what the heck happened to people giving you that little "thank you wave" when you do let them over? What, is that like against the law now or something? I mean how flippin hard is it to wave "thanks" real quick? Does it take too much energy? Would it break their arm!?! I mean COME.ON.
I tell ya, when I let someone over and they don't thank me, it makes me wanna ram my car right into the back of them.
I bet they'd have something to say then, wouldn't they? Ok so that's not really the best thing to do. Besides, I have a thing against banging up my car so what I'm gonna start doing is give the "non-thank-you-ers" the finger!
Not really but I'd like to. What I'm really gonna start doing instead is simply give them the thank you wave, yeah, in the hopes that it will make them feel like an ass for not saying thank you when they should have. I'll let you know if it works so stay tuned...

In the mean time-
As a rule, I try really, really hard not to use the F word, BUT I will allow that there are times when it's totally called for. Here's a good example:


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pay It Forward Contest!

Tiffany over at The R Family Diaries is giving away a photo printer! If you want a shot at winning it, you'd better git on over there and jump on it!!!
BTW, I gotta tell you, this Tiffany gal is sooooooo pretty! And you won't believe how incredibly smart she is. And OMG! She's rediculously generous and outta-this-world funny! Go check her out and see for yourself, go on, hustle!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lucky Number Seven

Seven things I plan to do before I die:
  • Retire

  • Have my own shop

  • Learn to play the piano

  • Travel overseas

  • Hang out with Amish people

  • Write a personal letter to all of the pople I love (I copied this one from Lacey b/c I thought it was really great)

Seven things I CAN do:

  • Cross my eyes and then move them independently

  • Twirl a baton & Roller skate

  • Cartwheels & round-offs

  • Sew, crochet, knit

  • Whistle that really loud, attention grabbing whistle that requires one to put two fingers to their lips

  • Flare out my nostrils

  • Moon walk and The Snake

Seven things I CANNOT do:

  • Gleek on purpose (some cultures refer to this as "snaking')

  • The splits (I actually still have dreams that I can do that)

  • Bungie Jump or Sky Dive

  • Out run my sons anymore

  • Talk Sparky into having an inside dog

  • I'm a terrible liar

  • Have anymore children

Seven things that attract me to my spouse: (My Sparky!)

  • His big 'ol body and his beautiful blue eyes (hey, you gotta be attracted to your spouse, right?)

  • His easy going nature

  • His sense of humor

  • The way he adores me

  • The way he adores "That Baby" and the way he treats "The Boys"

  • He's very handy!

  • The way he skips...well, it's more like he tries to skip, and he does it for me on demand just so I can get a good laugh!

Seven things I say most often:

  • "Crap!" or "What the crap?"

  • "Whatever."

  • "Dang it!"

  • "Love ya!"

  • "Yay!"

  • "Huh?”

  • "K, bye!"

Seven celebrity crushes:

Oh this one is easy. Alright ladies, brace yourselves and put on a bib! Here we go...

Do you see a pattern here? Big and Beefy!

And now I swoon.

You are 20 years in the future, write a letter to your todays self.

Miss Kathy's Homework Assignment

Dear Angie,
So you turned 37 last month, I remember it well. It was a pretty bumpy year, I know. Remember those times when you worried over which bill to pay? And your car breaking down and you had to borrow your BFF’s car for like a week, until you got the granny car just so that you could get back and forth to work. Yeah, those were scary times but you made it through them, trust me. If you could see yourself 20 years from now, you would see that times did get better and life was smooth sailing from there on out! And guess what? All the boys make it through high school and go on to be wonderful, productive, caring and responsible men. They all marry fantastic women and give you and Sparky plenty of grandchildren to play with! Sparky will be sexier than ever and you won’t age a bit! Your BFF will need you more than ever when her daughter gets married. You’ll have to handcuff her and tie her up to keep her from tagging along on the honeymoon. You’ll have to help her cut the apron strings by taking her on lavish trips like cruises and island retreats and Eurpoean vacations. Believe me, the two of you will have an absolute blast! Look, here are a few photo’s to prove it…

Here we are in Paris, what a wonderful experience!
Photobucket Image Hosting

And here we are in the Grand Cayman Islands. Look! That's BFF, scuba diving!!!
Photobucket Image Hosting

This is a shot taken from the cabana we were lounging in, look how big our ship was!
Photobucket Image Hosting

We even went to Alaska! BFF took this picture, nice job girl!!!
Photobucket Image Hosting

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that the next 20 years turn out very well so don't sweat it, you'll see!!!


A New Baby!

Yes, there is a new baby on the way! That Baby is going to get a little sissy or a little bubba in March, how exciting is that? Here's the first picture of him or her...

Photobucket Image Hosting

Friday, September 05, 2008

I'm Baaaaack!!!

So the wedding photos are edited, this is my favorite one...
Photographing weddings is a little too stressful for me, I don't think I want to do anymore.

On the other hand, sewing is very unstressful. Sombody please tell me, how. stinking. cute. is this skirt?!!
I have tried to sew clothing before and it never worked out. But this time I was successful! I'm sure that skirts are probably the easiest piece of clothing to make but I feel if I can master this then I'm off to a good start. This skirt is trimmed in bias tape along the hem and waist lines, AND it has a side zipper! I'm so proud of myself. By the way, this was the first one, I made it on Friday evening after work then on saturday I made 3 more and one for That Baby. I have a dress pattern for That Baby that I will try to tackle this week.
Speaking of That Baby...

How 'bout that smile?

See that little doll house chair on the floor? She's trying to sit in it... She just cracks me up!

Have I mentioned that I've been bitten by the sewing bug? Here are a couple of rag dolls I threw together last weekend... they're so cute I think I'll make more...what do you think?

That Baby named this one "Mimi"

I named this one "Lulu"
See her earrings?

Ok, that's it for now, I'm gonna go catch up on my blog reading now....

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I wanna send a great big THANK YOU to my BFF for being such a great BFF. She has very graciously lent me her car for the past 7 days straight while we were trying to repair mine.
BFF, you're the best and I love you with all my heart!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Posting Delayed

I'm afraid I have to delay posting for a few days. You see, I have wedding photos to edit. Photos that I took on August 16th. I know, bad photographer! I think the normal turn around is 2 weeks but I'm not a pro so I'm allowed 3. Anyway, I wanna get these to the lovely new couple by Thursday so I gotta go now and get busy. Ta-ta for now...

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