Friday, September 12, 2008

Kids say the darndest things!

Ok so my kids are all teenagers now but I remember clearly what each of them said that totally blew my mind. For example:

Stormy, when he was about 9...we lived in a tiny little house with 1 bathroom. Hubby is in the bathroom and Stormy REALLY has to go. He waits, and waits, and waits. Fianlly hubby comes out and Stormy says, as serious as he can be...

"Thank God, I almost pissed my pants!"

Yes, I was in shock but I laughed anyway and tried my best to explain that he couldn't use the word "pissed".

Jordan, he was about 6. We were having a talk about the medical terms for private parts. Jordan very proudly announces that he knows what the proper word is for the female private part is.

Me: Very good, what is it?

Jordan: It's a CHINA!

OMG! That's brilliant! My immediate thought is "Yes that's very good. CHINA, as in it's precious and should be guarded and only brought out on very, very special occaisions."

Now here comes Cory. He's about 8 at this time. We are all playing around, the boys are wrestling, having a grand 'ol time. I've got the camera out, taking lots of pictures of us having fun. I can't for the life of me remember what exactly was said before what he said but we we're all laughing, have a great time then all of a sudden Cory, with a huge smile on his face says "Suck my c__k!"
Can you just imagine my reaction? It was something like this:
My jaw hits the floor, I choke, I cough, I laugh, I take a deep breath and I say: "What did you say?" and he says it again. Just as happy as he can be. "Suck my c__k." I'm like: (to myself, while all the boys are still smiling and laughing and wrestling): OK, how do I address this one. He obviously didn't have any idea what he was saying so I very calmly said: "Ok, sweetie, that's not something you can say."

Cory: "Why?"

Me: "Because that's ugly."

Cory: Why is it ugly?"

Me: "Just trust me, it's ugly and if I ever hear you say that again, I'm gonna wash you're mouth out with soap."

Cory: "Yes, Ma'am."

Then the family fun continues like the ugliness never happened.



Rachel said...

OMG I almost peed my pants LOL...sounds like my hubby; he's from Jersey and grew up fast so he really has a potty mouth and believe me the things my kids have said...i hope you have a great weekend; I'll be talking to you

Dana said...

sooo funny!!!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog... Hope you visit again soon!

Anonymous said...

That's too funny - when Ty was 3 years old, he walked into my mom's house and said, "Nana, where's the f*@#in' cats?" I thought I was going to die! - RayRay

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