Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday's Fits

Now I'm not normally one to complain but here lately some things have really been getting on my nerves. For example, you know how when you're driving and you ever so graciously let someone get over in front of you because it's the nice thing to do and you would be very pleased if someone let you over the next time you needed to, right? Well what the heck happened to people giving you that little "thank you wave" when you do let them over? What, is that like against the law now or something? I mean how flippin hard is it to wave "thanks" real quick? Does it take too much energy? Would it break their arm!?! I mean COME.ON.
I tell ya, when I let someone over and they don't thank me, it makes me wanna ram my car right into the back of them.
I bet they'd have something to say then, wouldn't they? Ok so that's not really the best thing to do. Besides, I have a thing against banging up my car so what I'm gonna start doing is give the "non-thank-you-ers" the finger!
Not really but I'd like to. What I'm really gonna start doing instead is simply give them the thank you wave, yeah, in the hopes that it will make them feel like an ass for not saying thank you when they should have. I'll let you know if it works so stay tuned...

In the mean time-
As a rule, I try really, really hard not to use the F word, BUT I will allow that there are times when it's totally called for. Here's a good example:



Tiaras & Tantrums said...

funny girl!
Yep - I agree - I always let peopl ein- I will not race anyone for a small space - I have too many kids!
People are just so rude!

Vodka Mom said...

I always wave when someone lets me in!!! And, also give another wave to those who are not polite enough to let me in.....


thanks for visiting! I'll be back!!!( Where's the wine?)

THE Stephanie said...

Ok, that was freakin' hilarious!!!

Anonymous said...

to whom it may concern in "blogland"; Angiepie is the most wonderful, beautiful, sexy, smartest, ect. wife in the world. I have loved her since she was a little girl and I can still see that little girl in her eyes and her smile. If whatever bad experiences in my past led me to where I am today they were just blessings in desguise. I hope to be able to love her for as long as possible with having already loved her enough for more than a lifetime. Love you more everyday "SPARKY" How was that?

Rachel said...

OMG I am peeing my pants...your soooo right!!! that pisses me off; or when you want to get over and you have had your turn signal on..
almost like we were in the car today; I always roll down my window and wave that takes extra effort.

What you sewing these days...anymore skirts :)

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