Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pay It Forward Contest!

Tiffany over at The R Family Diaries is giving away a photo printer! If you want a shot at winning it, you'd better git on over there and jump on it!!!
BTW, I gotta tell you, this Tiffany gal is sooooooo pretty! And you won't believe how incredibly smart she is. And OMG! She's rediculously generous and outta-this-world funny! Go check her out and see for yourself, go on, hustle!


Kori said...

Hey Angie good luck with the contest. But it might would help if you said all those things about me not Kari. lol

angie said...

Good luck. Your wonderful words to moi warmed my heart. Thank you. :)

Mrs. S said...

seems I've found a wonderful person and new bloggy friend. How could I not come visit you? You are incredibly sweet! What a gorgeous blog; looks like you and your hubby are SOOOO in love. That's a nice thing to see in today's world.

Rachel said...

Yeah I have checked her blog out; she is cool.
thanks for tip contest.

Tiffany said...

This post makes me all kinds of happy... it's like you've known me forever.

You are totally entered!

Good luck!

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