Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We Beat It!

Ok so I have this Hibiscus, double, triple, quadruple, I still haven't figured that part out yet. But the flowers are just beautiful. Anyway, the bush, shrub or tree, haven't figured that part out yet either, is about 8' tall. Well, during early spring I noticed that something was munching down on the leaves and it didn't have any blooms on it yet (last year it had lots of blooms by this time). I had read something about lace worm or lace leaf, I can't remember exactly, but it said to disolve knotts gelatin in some water and pour around the base of the tree. I didn't have any gelatin so I just crossed my fingers in the hopes that whatever was snacking on it would just go away. I also read that epsom salt is a very good fertilizer so I tried it. I'm not sure if it was just a coincidence or what but that dang Hibiscus is going crazy! No more lacey looking leaves. Blooms and buds everywhere! Check it out...



Niki RuralWritings said...

Hi Angie,
Thanks for visiting me and your warm wishes...I'm just sitting down to take a breather..The Bread looks GREAT

Sinfonian said...

Looking real good. Actually I'm posting because of the side board on living simply and paying off your mortgage. I'm almost done. It's hard to believe it but we're less than 5 years from being debt free. I say this to tell you how I did it.

We cut our expenses. We spend very little on our credit card and pay it off every month. When we buy something it's with cash (or credit paid off monthly) and we make sure we need it or want it for a very long time first. No impulse buys.

The mortgage was easy, I saw an add for a 10 year amortization loan and I took it. That was over five years ago and though our payment doubled, the entire extra went to principal. Our loan is dropping nearly $1,000 a month now. Sure it was hard, especially since the month we signed the papers my wife got pregnant with our first and stopped earning a paycheck 9 months later.

If that's too drastic, save your pennies and make double payments every chance you get. Just write on the check "apply to principal" Some bad lenders will save it for future missed interest payments.

As for saving pennies, make a detailed budget and go line by line to see what you don't need. Make small sacrifices but don't cut entirely. Otherwise you have it down living simply. Good work! You're half-way there!

Angie said...

Thanks Sin!!!!

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