Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday Madness!

It's been very crazy here at work this morning! With the phones ringing off the hook and the clients coming in, I can't hardly get my blog done! Don't these people know I got a blog to do? Sheesh!
Anyway, can you believe that I did not take any pictures of "That Baby" this past weekend? What is wrong mith me? I'll tell you what happened. I was so busy trying to keep up with her that I didn't even have time to pick up my camera! We had a blast though and we didn't want to take her back. But we did and we look forward to her next visit!
I did manage to make a proto-type of a water bottle holder. I'm participating in a swap that was arranged by Rhonda and her crew over at down-to-earth. I really love the swap idea and look forward to others! This is my first water bottle holder so I will keep this one for myself since it has a few flaws, I'll work the kinks out on the next one.

I think the pocket is too big, it takes up the whole front and you can't really see the fabric design behind it. I'd like to have a heavier strap as opposed to the thin ribbon. I couldn't find any insulation material so I used a reversable quilted fabric, I love quilted fabric! I ran into a problem with the exposed seams on the inside so I think I will add an inner linning, that way the inside seams will not be seen. I think this is a great project, very cute and very functional. It's a pain to have to carry your water bottle around when you're out and about, this little thing is wonderful, kudos to the inventor!


Dana said...

Oh what a great idea!!! Does it insulate and keep the water cool at all? More importantly, when ya gonna make me one??!!??

Angie said...

Hi Dana. I doubt it would keep the water cool for long without there being an insulation layer. There is such a thing out there, just not locally to me, I'd have to order it online, which I may end up doing anyway. I think I'll add a draw string at the top too, that would proabably help in insulating too, maybe? When am I gonna make you one? Wanna do a swap? Or maybe I could have a give away???

Wicked Gardener said...

Very cute - I was going suggest a draw string. Maybe pouch to hold baggies for the dog walkers? I'd need a loop to hold my pruners. :D
I'm very good at making suggestions about things I know nothing about. I have always wanted to sew, but I have no talent for it. BTW, would you like me to email Mr White for you? I don't want to give out his email, but if you email me, I'll forward it to him.

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