Friday, May 30, 2008


I am soooooo glad it's Friday! It means that I can sleep in a little bit but still get up early and head out to The Garden with a cup of coffee. The Mr. is going to put me up a gate between The Garden and the back yard. Starting tomorrow, I won't have to go all the way around the house in order to get into the back yard. I'm very excited about this! I'm also getting a clothes line put up in the back yard. It will be so nice to have line dried sheet again!

I didn't get the tomato sauce made and canned last night cuz I forgot to get lemon juice when I was at the store.

Oh! I did remember to make the bed this morning, I'm so proud!

Hubby and I sat out in The Garden for a long time last night talking about ways to save money and pay off the mortgage faster. We rememberd how when we were growing up we didn't have all this junk that our kids have today. There wasn't 1000 t.v. channles, internet, ipods, video games, computers and cell phones. We have totally spoiled our kids with these things. Now when you need to cut down on the expenses by eliminating some of it, the kids have a fit! They really do think that they will die if they dont have their toys! It's really our own fault though, we are the ones who gave them all of this. I tell you what, if The Good Lord were to bless me with another child, I would sooo do it differently. There wouldn't be t.v. or video games. There would be books and imagination and lots of physical activity. There wouldn't be mp3 players or ipods, there would be musical instruments. There wouldn't be public school, there would be home school. There wouldn't be fast food, there would be home made. Oh the mistakes I've made...

I have adopted a practice from a fellow blogger. It's called Friday Night Pizza. It's where the whole family participates in making home made pizza. But I think I'll make it Saturday Night Pizza for us since I don't have all the needed ingredients.

I want to make bread this weekend too. Boy, I've got a lot of shopping to do!


Sinfonian said...

You mentioned it twice so I just had to post. I know it's not gardening but I just had to.

Right before we found out we were pregnant with our first (5 years ago), we were in the same frame of mind as you are. We wanted a way to get debt free and in my words, owe nothing to nobody...

So we refinanced down to a 10 year fully amortizing mortgage. The rate was very favorable, but it still meant we doubled our monthly payment. For me that was necessary because if it was optional I wouldn't do it.

Now we're five years from paying off the house and couldn't be happier. Cash flow's tight but our kids don't know any better. We scrip and save and use birthday money for any toys we would have never thought twice about buying before. The kids do classes not toys, experiences not junk.

We're nowhere near perfect, but we're working on many of the same things you're considering. If you can't swing a refi to a shorter amortization, then put aside money for extra payments. You'd be surprised how much you can save over time paying that off sooner.

Good luck and love your blog!

flmom said...

We are very minimalist when it comes to all the new gadgets. It's often hard, especially with my 9yo, when he's around other kids that have all the latest and greatest and then he wants to have it as well. I am not willing to go into debt for whatever the hottest product of the moment is, to keep up with the Joneses, or to keep up with the rapid pace of technology and the need to have the upgraded version of everything. I do find that I have a lot of trouble making friends though because people just don't understand what we believe in and why. Oh well, their loss.

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