Monday, June 07, 2010

Not Just A Bunch of Purdy Flowers...

I.Love.Flowers. I would have flowers everywhere if I were rich! I should probably clairfy that when I say "I love flowers" I mean actual flowers, not like flower curtains or flower wall paper or flower print clothes (well I do have one flowery shirt and I do happen to like flowery skirts but that's different, somehow.)

Anyway, I love to put a single flower in a little old, glass milk bottle and place it on a table or shelf or dresser; it makes such a lovely, simple little decoration.

I also love flowers in hair. The prettiest hair-do I ever saw was Julia Ormond's in Legends of the Fall when she comes to the supper table with all those little white flowers in her hair.
I recently tried to wear flowers in my hair but they didin't last long because they kept falling out. Plus they start to wilt within a couple of hours then they're not so pretty anymore. So I thought it was time for a project! I would find some really pretty, life-like, artificial flowers and attach them to hair clips, that way I can always have pretty flowers in my hair that won't fall out or wilt. Fun! Fun! Fun!

So with the help of 2 nice bouquets, a package of snap-clips, and my trusty glue-gun, I now have an exclusive assortment of delightful hair accessories! AND I came up with a nifty way of storing/displaying them too! When I cut the flower heads off the stems, I didn't toss those stems into the trash, no way! I saved them and I grabbed a terra-cotta pot, stuffed a piece of floral foam down in it, put some hot glue on the ends of the stems and poked them down into the foam. Then I just clipped the flower-clips to the tops of the stems and ta-da!, you have a pretty little bouquet of hair flowers!


Jenny said...


I LOVE the name of your blog! Bloom is tattooed on my foot. <3

I'd wear real flowers in my hair but a. my hair sucks and probably wouldn't hold them and b. it's so hot out here they'd wilt in about five minutes and/or I'd sweat and then they'd stick to me and it wouldn't be pretty.

Lael said...

I can't wait to see you with a flower in your hair. I've been contemplating doing something similar with hair bands. But you could pull it off so much better.

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