Wednesday, June 16, 2010


There really is no place like home. I love being at home. There is nothing I like to do that I can't do at home... Or maybe I'm just boring!
Let's see, I can...

Snuggle with my awesome husband.

Eat really good food.

Read or Watch Movies.



Stay in my p.j.'s all day & Surf the web.

(I never said I was a beauty queen! I really LOVE this terrible photo though cuz it gives me a great laugh!)

Put curlers in my hair and play beauty salon or I can throw on an apron and pretend I'm my own personal maid. (Hee! Hee! Whatever gets the house work done, right?)

I can use MY OWN toilet!
(Obviously, no photo here.)

The only thing I love to do that I can't do from home is spend time on the beach but luckily, I'm only 3 miles away from it!


Mary said...

Thank you for the sweet comment on our blog! I love new visitors. Feel free to hang out and look around. :)

I don't have a lot of time tonight but I would love to check out your blog a little better.

Thanks again!

Best Kept Secrets said...

Just stumbled upon your blog.
There is nothing like being home! I love just being home and being able to relax!

Would love if you would stop by my blog and say hi!

Alissa said...

Home looks pretty nice, and you look beautiful too!

Lael said...

Really awesome blog. A pleasure.

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